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Title : Rapid Reduction Eye Cream for Rapidly Reducing Bagginess, Puffiness, Dark Circles and Wrinkles in 120 Seconds by St. Mege 2Pcs
Description : Tired looking eyes that seem to last, no matter how much sleep you receive?

Wrinkles covering bright eyes? With our use of herbal ingredients, St. Mege’s Rapid Reduction Eye Cream promises to gently smoothen skin and get back youthful, bright looking skin.

How to Open the Eye cream:

1. Remove the cover at the eye cream seal

2. Then, about 1mm at the end of the needle (sealing), pull it down, until the sealing plug at the forefront of the needle is broken (or use a pair of scissors to cut the sealing plug)

3. Remove the protective sleeve from the piston end of the needle, press the piston forward, and squeeze the eye cream to apply.

4. After each use, plug the back of the sealing plug at the forefront of the needle tube into the eye cream extrusion port.

Then continue to cover the outermost protective sleeve and the protective sleeve of the needle end of the tube on the needle tube to keep the dryness of the eye cream from affecting the use.


1. Squeeze out pea-size eye cream, and use your fingertips to apply on the eye bags

2. Pull toward the temple. Don’t rub back and forth

3. After applying this product, do not change your facial expression for 2 minutes. You can achieve satisfactory results in smoothing eye bags and crow’s feet.

Depending on individual skin conditions, continue to maintain your facial expression for 3-8 minutes to solidify the effect.

Tips for the Eye Cream:

Because this eye cream is on a drier side, there are two tips to achieve better absorption:

1. After fully moisturizing with toner, squeeze the eye cream out on your middle finger, then dip into clean water, then apply the eye bag to achieve a better effect.

2. Mix with toner, and apply light cream to the eye cream and lift it evenly.

Features :

  • IMPROVE AND RESTORE FOR SMOOTH SKIN: St. Mege Rapid Reduction Eye Cream effectively removes eye bags and dark circles, delay the production of wrinkles and fine lines, improve pores and enhance skin texture to restore youthful and beautiful skin.
  • HERBAL INGREDIENTS, GENTLE ON SKIN: Contains a variety of herbal ingredients, which work powerfully to smoothen skin without harsh, clogging chemicals that may damage skin further. Safe to use around eye area.
  • QUICK RESULTS: Once application is done, after two minutes see immediately results. Continue regular application for far greater results.

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