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Title : Lashfresh Foaming Eye & Lash Clean Wash for Eyelash Extensions and Natural Lashes 50ml
Description : This is not just another eye make-up or mascara remover. Lashfresh Eye & Lash Foaming Clean Wash is specially formulated for eyelash extensions and eye area. Lashfresh Foaming Clean Wash was created with eyelash extension users in mind since, in our experience, people seem to be more hesitant to wash their eye area and lashes while having extensions on and also even after using mascara formulated for extensions, people are fearful of trying to take the mascara off their extensions. For people that don’t have eyelash extensions, Lashfresh Foaming Clean Wash is an excellent gentle moisturizing cleanser for the entire eye area. Use Clean Wash as often as you would like, or when taking off eye make-up and/or mascara. Use before your moisturizing routine (or prior to using Lashfresh Hydra Mist and Lashfresh Condition Mist).
Features :

  • Organic and 100% Natural Eye & Lash Foaming Wash for Eyelash Extension Wearers and Natural Lashes
  • Water Based cleansing formula with Aloe Vera Gel
  • Gentle, Non-Irritating formula
  • eyelash extension cleanser, eye, lash cleanser
  • mascara remover

Brand: Lashfresh
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