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Title : Jade Roller for face – 100% Real Natural Jade Stone roller, Anti-Aging jade Beauty Skincare Tool to Rejuvenate Facial Skin Cooling, Slimming & Firming by Lamiar (green)
ASIN : B07H41Y645
Description : Royal Jade Roller

The Royal Jade Roller by Lamiar is ancient Chinese beauty tool for face and neck massage that’s been used in China for thousands of years and sometimes called Jade Derma Roller. It was said that it was used in Chinese medicine to aid the body’s lymphatic and filtration system to get rid of toxins. It’s like taking your skin back in time, boosting circulation and eliminating puffiness, Relieving facial tension, reducing puffiness, eye bags and dark circles around eyes, giving you that natural healthy glow everyone is looking for

Using the jade roller on the face, has the following effects:

Enhances skin elasticity, tightening and toning the skin
Helps with anti-aging and prevents fine lines and wrinkles from appearing on your face
Reduces puffiness and dark circles around eyes
Provides a soothing and relaxing effect on the skin relieving facial tension
Helps penetrate beauty products like face creams and serums deeper into the skin
Promotes blood circulation to the face for a natural healthy glow
Features :

  • JADE ROLLER MADE FROM 100% NATURAL JADE – The Lamiar jade roller stone are made from 100% natural jade. The jade stone feels naturally cool when it touches your skin, perfect for a revitalizing your face. It will help to reduce the puffiness around your eyes and relieve tension on the facial skin. You will feel great after massaging your face with these jade rollers.
  • VERSATILE DOUBLE ROLLER FOR CONVENIENCE – This jade roller features dual-ended rollers with a smooth polished surface. Use the big roller for cheeks, chin, forehead and neck are. Use the smaller roller for areas around eyes, nose and lips. The jade stones will help to tighten and tone unwanted eye bags, puffy eyes and sagging facial skin. After a 5-10 minute massage session, your skin will have a smoother, fresher and more youthful complexion.
  • PROMOTES INCREASED BLOOD FLOW & SKIN RENEWAL – Use the jade roller on your skin by sliding it in an upward motion and apply a moderate amount of gentle pressure. This massaging technique will improve microcirculation of facial blood vessels, increase blood flow and enhance the functioning of the lymph nodes. Perform this treatment at least 2-3 times a week to help rejuvenate your beautiful skin.
  • HELPS WITH PAIN RELIEF & HEALING THERAPY – When you use jade roller correctly, it will help to alleviate muscle pain almost immediately. Research shows that using the jade roller massage helps to reduce inflammatory symptoms from illnesses like a fever, flu or common cold. The jade roller stone can help your skin look more youthful and it can help you feel great. Click ADD TO CART to your set right now
  • 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE – Your Satisfaction is our #1 priority! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us to be supported. Zero Risk! What are you waiting for? click ADD TO CART to your set right now

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