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DIY Body Wrap: SPA Formula

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Title : DIY Body Wrap: SPA Formula for Home Use: Seaweed, Healing Clay, Garcinia Cambogia, and Dead Sea Salt
Description : It’s Confusing. There are so many body wraps out there. (SPA wraps, body wrap applicators, volcanic ash wraps just to start). So I tested these wraps, listened to lots of user feedback and even talked about the pros and cons on my iTunes podcast. The result is the exciting development of a breakthrough formula now for sale for home use that you could previously only find at high end SPAs.

DOES THIS REALLY SLIM? If you follow my step-by-step Body Wrap Guide, it’s not uncommon to take someone down a dress size or two in two weeks. I do not promise outstanding slimming results for everyone because we all have a unique body chemistry and there are many contributing reasons for weight loss and slimming, but I believe my Neutripure SPA recipe will give you the best fighting chance of any wrap on the market to conquer the battle of the bulge.

BENEFITS: Whether it’s needing tighter skin or firming loose skin, the wrap can help! It even helps to reduce stretch marks and cellulite. Some may see skin rejuvenation, some may see a reduction in inflammation, some might see stretch marks lighten up. Whatever your results are, it can be maintained with proper diet and exercise.

My Neutripure body wrap is not just a slimming product; it’s an experience! It involves wrapping yourself in detoxifying Seaweed, Healing Clay, Garcinia Cambogia, and Dead Sea Salt in order to help draw out toxins from the body. With a good body wrap not only will you feel a greater sense of well being and be setting the stage for better overall health, you’ll start contouring your body, lose weight and toning by removing the accumulation of toxic substances in the body.

Contents: Body wrap Ingredients for 10 wraps. Saran wrap is required for a body wrap treatment but not included.
Features :

  • TARGET BELLY FAT: Powerful Seaweed and Garcinia Cambogia extract is absorbed through skin and can help improve the burning of fat to break down stubborn fat deposits.
  • DETOXIFY: Feel your tummy and thighs pulsate when Healing Clay discharges excess water and toxins from your body.
  • PURE AND POWERFUL: Stop exposing your body to even more chemicals and pollutants. Our breakthrough formula contains 100% natural ingredients
  • SALON QUALITY TREATMENT: Ingredients previously only found at SPAs. Pamper and treat yourself to a salon-like experience!
  • FAST RESULTS: Experience results in as little as one treatment.

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Brand: Neutripure
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