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Title : Advanced Anti-Stretch Mark Cream | Amar Botanica for Pregnancy | Removal and Prevention | Developed by Mt. Sinai Medical Director | Vegan, Paraben-Free, Organic Formulation | Hydrating and Restorative
Description :

Hi Ladies!

Pregnancy can be a very exciting time, but it also comes with a lot of changes, especially to our body. Over the years and through many chats with our clients, patients and girlfriends, we found that stretch marks were one of the biggest concerns from pregnant mamas. But what most of them didn’t know was that our body is either genetically prone to getting them or not and there’s really no way to predict. Pretty crazy, right?!

But here’s the good news, ladies…no matter what, hydration is our best friend and fiercest protector to help prevent and protect our skin. That’s why we created our 100% pure, organic, vegan-based formula backed by science with all-natural ingredients proven to help fight stretch marks. Nope, we’re not mad scientists; we’re just two moms, one a board-certified dermatologist and the other a beauty industry veteran, who did a lot of research because we believe in women feeling beautiful inside and out. We love it, and we hope you do too!


Dr. Mikhail and AnaLiza

Amar Botanica was created out of a concern of the laundry list of ingredients in leading stretch mark creams. Everything you put on your skin will eventually reach your unborn baby. Amar Botanica promises only the safest and purest ingredients so that mama and baby are always 100% safe. NO SYNTHETICS. NO ADDED FRAGRANCES. NO CHEMICALS.

Dermatologist owned and created. Strongest cream available without a prescription. All-natural ingredients and thick texture allows for cream to melt into skin over a longer duration of time. Preventing stretch marks before they appear.

Amar Botanica has only 7 essential, all-natural and vegan ingredients to make sure mama and baby are 100% safe.

Features :

  • PREVENT STRETCH MARKS FROM APPEARING IN THE FIRST PLACE. Helps protect skin from stretch marks, while keeping it firm and intensely hydrated from early pregnancy all the way through post-childbirth. This intensive removal treatment is pure, all-natural, organic, vegan and is 100% safe for mama and baby. Formulated with essential ingredients you need, and nothing extra that you don’t.
  • REMOVE STRETCH MARKS THAT ARE ALREADY THERE | Our essential ingredients and hydration technology will help diminish marks that are already visible on the skin. If you’re not satisfied, simply return for a full refund. This leads us to our next promise…
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: While we strongly believe in our brand, we want you to be happy too. But if you find that it’s not for you and are not satisfied, contact us for a full refund.
  • MAINTAINS HYDRATED SKIN TEXTURE DURING RAPID CHANGE.: This rich, hydrating cream is formulated with shea butter, avocado oil and centella asiatica, a natural super-herb known around the world for its powerful anti-aging and skin tightening benefits. Because of its unique thickness and texture, Amar Botanica was created to continuously melt into your skin for 12-24 hours after application. This helps with skin’s elasticity, and also helps relieve the itching that comes with a growing belly.
  • PROVEN EFFECTIVE…through extensive focus group mams and real-life application from early pregnancy to birth and post-birth. Participants showed little to no stretch marks, and those who used it post-pregnancy reported that pre-existing stretch marks greatly faded. Amar Botanica works most effectively if used daily as the skin is stretching during pregnancy. Results will vary based on frequency of application and genetics.

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